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Unmatched quality and craftsmanship


Our goal is to create the best design-driven and client-tailored home. Inspired by classical architecture, form, and scale, our homes are made to be forever heirlooms full of modernized living conveniences and quality craftsmanship. We are able to take our client’s vision, coupled with our expertise and build them into reality, creating a home that is balanced, beautiful and becoming. Focused on sight lines, symmetry, balance and flow, each home we design is uniquely individual and thoughtful.  Client relationships are a priority for The Fox Group and we work closely with each client to ensure their satisfaction with the final product while at the same time developing a close personal relationship.  

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The quality of our construction is unmatched in the industry. We use only the finest craftsmen and artisans for each phase of construction to provide beauty and quality that will stand for years to come. We have worked with many of our subcontractors and suppliers for many years and they know what to expect when working on a Fox Group Home. They understand the importance of quality craftsmanship and getting even the smallest details right.


While we love nothing more than creating a home from scratch, we are also thrilled when we are able to bring a client's concept to life. We gain great satisfaction when a client presents us with their dream home and are able to not only make that vision a reality, but even improve on it to make it something even more incredible than they ever dreamed it could be.


We are careful to take on a limited number of projects at any given time to enable us to give each project the attention it deserves. We strive to communicate with our clients regularly so they know where things stand with their home. We also maintain a very high level of control over each project to ensure it is progressing in accordance with our vision as well as the clients - and to ensure the project meets our exacting standards.

Our best work is achieved when we work with the client on all three phases of construction beginning with creating plans, then constructing, and finally designing the interiors of the home. This gives us the ability to ensure every detail in the entire home matches our exacting standards and no detail gets overlooked. We are also able to guarantee the architecture and interior design of the space works seamlessly to create a home that is in harmony with its environment, welcoming all those who enter.

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Home design is so very personal. Here at The Fox Group, we listen to each client’s needs, wants and dreams for their home and create for them spaces that are timeless and beautiful while also fitting their needs. In every design we incorporate interior elements and architectural details with integrity. This includes using the very best materials to create a classic and refined feel to ensure your design endures.


While our design team has a distinctive style, we also strive to include the client’s unique personality into each space. Your home will feel personal to you while also having the lasting and beautiful qualities The Fox Group is known for.  


Our team’s attention to detail is second to none.  Although the large furniture pieces receive much of the attention we strive to set ourselves apart by focusing on the small details in each space to ensure nothing is forgotten or unnoticed.  The palette chosen for each room is of utmost importance and evokes the feelings the client wants for each space.  

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